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Post a Comment. And she returned a letter to me when I wrote to her about the molesting saying "no interest. Almost no one seems to notice that the people who forwarded illicit sex deviants as gurus should not be allowed to certify more gurus, male or female, and so on and so forth. Its truly the blind leading the blind at this point.

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It is not at all about her being a woman. It is about the fact that she, as a female-bodied devotee, has not followed the svadharma of women, that is, stri-dharma. A female devotee who preaches, which personalities should she exemplify Bhima or Kunti? One should be a living example of what one is preaching.

Why should we listen to them? But this is not at all the case. Only women who follow their stri-dharma are qualified to speak, and not others.

In CommentBhaktilata mataji proves that Urmila dd is not following stri-dharma and is an unchaste woman and thus not qualified to speak anywhere, what to speak of in the Holy Dham, Sri Mayapura.

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Let us consider the following statements by Srila Prabhupada about what the Stri dharma of a woman is when her husband becomes a vanaprastha and then you tell me what you think. At that time the wife cannot remain with the husband. Even in vanaprastha stage, or retired life, the wife remains with the husband, but without any sex relations. At that time the wife is to follow her husband and take care of him, just as she took care of him in householder life.

Although the wife remains with the husband, she undergoes severe austerities and penances so that although both husband and wife live together, there is no question of sex.

In this way both husband and wife can live together perpetually. Should not be involved in any abnormal personal situation. An example of such a situation would be a disrupted or anomalous family life which could distract a guru from his guru duties or otherwise prove a disturbance to him or his followers. I will soon have own cabin for residence. Now Visakha Priya Mataji I hope you can now understand what I mean when I say that our ladies do not even know what Stri dharma is let alone follow it, and that is why we should not listen to those who have disobeyed the clear instructions of Srila Prabhupada in the matter of following Stri-dharma.

In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, when her lord is dead to her sons; a woman must never be independent. Ironically in the West, Urmila dd externally appears too conservative to many, but in India she is perceived as unchaste and a closet feminist by her behavior.

Her ambition to be recognized is forcing her to come out of the closet more and more. While the GBC has in the past seldom managed to avoid mistakes somehow they miraculously barred Urmila dd from becoming a diksha guru in and saved us at least this once from a person who is not qualified to sit on the Vyasasana what to speak of giving diksha.

We do not at all expect this text to stop her in her attempts of fulfill her ambitions, she is much too obstinate for that, but we can at least inform the public of what is really going on and thus allow them to formulate more educated opinions. Your humble servant Citralekha devi dasi PS. No comments:.The first Hare Krishna cookbook from Perhaps the most unique of Srila Prabhupada's writings. Written in Vrindavan in in response to an invitation to attend a world conference in Japan.

Microfiche of the Bhaktivedanta Archives collection of typed and hand written transcriptions of Prabhupada's lectures and conversations produced in. You can download the complete book from this page as a text PDF file.

Prabhupada was in Gainesville to speak at the University of Florida. Taking advantage of his presence the local T. The idea for the book Dialectic Spiritualism emerged in when Srila Prabhupada asked his secretary, Syamasundara dasa, about Western philosophy.

On an ancient island in Bengal, between the waters of the Ganges and the Sarasvatl, a Peace Corps worker began a mystical, inner journey into a new reality. I am greatly pleased to see this collection of songs composed by Thakura Bhaktivinoda, Narottama dasa and other acaryas of the Gaudiya Vaisnava community.

This is possible only by plain living and high thinking based on devotional service to the Supreme Lord. We have scanned Prabhupada's original Bhagavad-gita As It Is and the PDF file including the original text, and color plates is now ready for free download.

The complete books including all the original color plates. These are not text files but scans of the original pages. Discover the timeless science great teachers have spoken for millennia.

Open up the secrets of the self, nature and the universe, and the supreme self. Chaitanya, like Christ, taught Hindu, Christian, Muslim, black, white, male and female are bodily designations that are finished when the body is finished. Written in the early days of the space race. Prabhupada declares the attempts reach the moon by space craft would fail and now it appears he was correct.

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Queen Kunti was a central figure in a war for the Indian throne. Through her sufferings she found wisdom and strength carrying her people through the crisis. Free download. We Respect Your Privacy! Free PDF Downloads. Prabhupada Vani Samadhi Microfiche from Bhaktivedanta Archives October 23rd, by Madhudvisa dasa Microfiche of the Bhaktivedanta Archives collection of typed and hand written transcriptions of Prabhupada's lectures and conversations produced in. Join the Krishna Connect Newsletter.

Inorder to read the actual Geetaji, do I Rishi Sharma : Hare Krsna! Dandavatta Prabhuji!! This country What an experience, watching this play! I like to use my Yes you should offer this service to Gaura Nitai steadily and your attraction to Please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Prabhu, there were Aman Pandey : Hare Krishna Prabhu!This article continues with this theme. All emphases added. Confusing real and false gurus - 1 Speaking about the guru-disciple relationship, HD states that the disciple completely surrendering to the guru can lead to abuse: "you have this extreme self-surrender, [ Even in his own case".

This has been proven by the numerous articles and books produced by the IRM which clearly document how the false, unauthorised gurus in ISKCON, such as HD, make many statements that are definitely not true.

iskcon exposed

Rather, as a bona fide spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada speaks in line with scripture: "A bona fide spiritual master does not mention anything not mentioned in the authorized scriptures.

Thus, HD, has again mixed up the situations applicable to the false and real gurus.

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But HD then goes on to claim that we should do exactly that, by saying it is fine to go outside Srila Prabhupada's teachings as long as we try to understand them within Srila Prabhupada's "framework". You have very good determination. Conclusion Srila Prabhupada teaches: "Intermingling the spiritual with the material causes one to look on transcendence as material and the mundane as spiritual.

This is all due to a poor fund of knowledge. Confusing real and false gurus - 1. Speaking about the guru-disciple relationship, HD states that the disciple completely surrendering to the guru can lead to abuse:. But he has never taught that such full surrender to the guru can ever lead to any kind of abuse.

Confusing real and false gurus - 2. HD, however, goes on to claim that this "abuse" can arise with bona fide gurus, such as Srila Prabhupada:. Rather, as a bona fide spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada speaks in line with scripture:. Jumping over. HD correctly states that Srila Prabhupada ordered us to not "jump over" him.

Srila Prabhupada teaches:. Thus, due to a poor fund of knowledge, HD has engaged in projection and intermingled the standards and philosophy that are applicable to the false gurus in ISKCON such as himself, with being applicable to the bona fide guru, Srila Prabhupada. Older Post Home.

Subscribe to our RSS Feed. Follow iskcontruth. Subscribe to our mailing list. Popular Posts. Prabhupada's Point of View.It has been interesting, to say the least, learning of various passages, their details, and outrageous events that have taken place over the years performed against Sri Krsna Balaram Swamiji by ISKCON leaders, that went beyond just character assassination but also included direct physical attacks.

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After reading some recent Facebook comments and adding all the history and details that I have come to know so far, it made me quite curious to know more about the actual reasons for ISKCON leaders and their affiliates to be so viciously against Krsna Balaram Swamiji, and for so long.

So I thought to myself that obviously there must be some hidden reasons behind all of this. Apparently these rascals, cheaters, and criminals acting as devotees in ISKCON do not care what will happen to them after their death by engaging in such obnoxious criticism and non-Vaishnava acts against a natural devotee, Krishna Balaram Swamiji.

Therefore in trying to better understand the hidden reasons for all of this, I humbly approached Swamiji and inquired directly from him about why he has been criticized by and treated by ISKCON people so badly. He told me the following in his own words, transcribed here as follows:. If they were, they would actually take advantage of the association of a Vaishnava who is very rare. But these leaders have instead become so envious since the very first week when I joined Srila Prabhupada in Vrindavan.

When I would ask Srila Prabhupada for initiation, each time he would tell me that I was already a Guru and I do not need initiation because I am a Vrajavasiand those who know of these words coming from Srila Prabhupada himself became very envious of me ever since. I joined Srila Prabhupada, already having a Vaishnava education from birth, also having 30, Sanskrit verses memorized, and an exceptional knowledge of the Vedic scriptures and culture. When I would recite from these verses every morning after bathing to keep them in memory and they would hear it, they became instantly envious just by seeing that and called me a Mayavadi just by seeing that, especially because in those days they did not know even one Sanskrit text, what to speak of thousands.

This made them very envious. Upon learning this they acted enviously. Because I never ate not even touched onion or garlic, nor tea or coffee, needless to say any meat, fish or eggs, or any alcoholic drink in my entire lifewhile they all took all of those things and worse, including eating the holiest animal, the cow, who Krishna loves; this has made them very envious of me.

In the last 5, years of the history of Vrindavan Braja LandI am also the only Vrajavasi Bbrahmana who wore saffron clothes and took initiation in the Unbroken Chain of Disciplic Succession Parampara.

Every activity of Vaisnavism I am expert in I am expert in every activity of Vaisnavism required for liberation, and that is yet another reason why they are so envious. On the day of my initiation Srila Prabhupada took my own used beads and chanted three rounds on them and initiated me in his room alone and gave me back the same beads, whereas Srila Prabhupada would chant only on three beads of a new set of beads and would give them to all other new initiates. I am the only disciple of Srila Prabhupada on this planet whose used beads Srila Prabhupada chanted three rounds on or who Srila Prabhupada initiated privately.

Srila Prabhupada himself said to his western devotees that he had chanted three rounds on this mala, and this made them become very envious of me. In my lectures, all the devotees would become mesmerized and wanted to hear more, while in their lectures everybody was skeptical. When they gave lectures, if I happened to be sitting in their lectures, they would feel intimidated by my presence. Srila Prabhupada asked me to collect money to help build the Krsna Balaram temple in Vrindavan.

I was the biggest collector of money in India among all the Indian and non-Indian devotees at the time, and that made them so envious. I am the only disciple of Srla Prabhupada who came out of a true age-old and real Gurukula school, and knowing this they became envious. Because they realized their impossibility of going back to Godhead and they know that my seat in the spiritual world is actually reserved, this made them become very envious.

Seeing that this Krsna Balaram Swami was being followed so much, even though he was not one of their top leaders, they became so envious.

Because I was not stealing money, nor taking any commission from my collection, nor misusing even a penny, nor was I paid any type of bribe, nor did I demand to get first class tickets, nor was I interested in luxurious living, while they were and are all doing and interested in those things, this made them feel very uncomfortable and they remained envious.

I was and still am the most simple devotee who was not and is not interested in any position whatsoever, but they have always acted against this rule written by Srila Rupa Goswami in the Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu Nectar of Devotion.

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They practically destroyed the Vaishnava Kantha-Hara, even though it took hundreds of billable hours, and that was all because this book carries too many Vaishnava rules unknown to them, and due to their envy they did not want me to become famous because of it, so they did the best they could to destroy the correct message of the book.This article continues with this theme.

All emphases added. Because the state government believes these two ingredients will significantly boost the nutritional value and taste of the foods served to the children. Even if that is against the religious belief of the organisation.

And as if those are the only ingredients that can boost nutritional value! This controversy has been cooked up by the JD S government of which the Congress is an ally. Onion and garlic don't find a place in that category; they are considered 'tamasik' inducing negativity and are hence not included in the meals served by the foundation. As a result of the harsh order, the foundation has discontinued its partnership with the Karnataka government for the midday meal scheme, refusing to sign the memorandum of understanding MoUreported DNA.

Volunteers and co-chairs of the New Jersey chapter of Akshay Patra. Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor inspired the more than business, non-profit, government and philanthropic leaders, who gathered for the meet. Also in attendance were Padma ShriDr. Sudha Parikh.

I feel that this is a great cause not only because it provides a hot meal to children but it also entices them to come to school and receive an education. Parikh said, in a statement. Kapoor also auctioned off his aprons during the event to help those in need.

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Vandana Tilak, the CEO of Akshaya Patra, shared a compelling presentation about the organization and its mission, which is to feed five million children by From serving just 1, children in five schools inthe organization now feeds about 1.

Rachana Kulkarni. The National Green Tribunal took today strong note of frivolous petitions being filed in the name of the environment and said 50 per cent of the cases were filed by blackmailers. A bench headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel said the tribunal would deal with only those cases which have an important question relating to environment and ecology.

Earlier, we used to issue notices But now we are not issuing notices and disposing of the cases," Justice Goel observed. The observation came while disposing of a plea seeking a stay on the construction of storey Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir in Mathura by ISKCON and asked the petitioner to approach authorities for its grievances.

The plea filed by one Manikesh Chaturvedi had alleged that construction of 'Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir' by ISKCON in the vicinity of Yamuna would harm the environment and also impact the groundwater level in the area.Published on November 18th, by gurukul-vetren Full size image.

I have so much pain in my heart…. So much pain and tears… If you could just see what you have done to me. All in the name of worshiping Krsna…. Well now Krishna can kiss my suicidal ass! Everyday I have to find a reason why I should stay. I have nothing but you and all your.

Had ISKCON made as much noise about the monsters who raped children as they do about plans to protect assets, their concerns would have been self evident. As it is even though management has admitted awareness of the crimesthere has never been a single case where ISKCON has prosecuted a predator.

Not in the past, nor at this present time. To the contrary, they have given protection, even given office to known offenders. This is the single most concentrated case of child-abuse in the history of man.

Other than that, the rape and abuse of its own children will take center stage. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe the things you people made me do……drinking foot juice from Bhavananda another molester! I watched, I witnessed all the abuses……no exaggeration here Anutuma.

Sometimes the girls would slip chapatis under the door for me…. To much pain…. Whether I was misinformed about the true essence of Vaisnava life or not, I am ruined for life by it…. I am A Survivor no doubt……. So though I mean not offend you there is the other side that is just so angry.

iskcon exposed

At the misuse of your gods name and of his supposed pure devotees…. I am a product of all the glorious bull…. If there is a Krsna out there then He knows who I am…. From my Sad heart to yours I mean no offense….None of us escaped being abused Childrens witness account : Iskcon child abusers named 2.

Ananta Rupa was American. He was extremely domineering toward the boys and did not hesitate to yell, punch, slap, throw things, or pull our ears. Ananta Rupa was teacher at the Mayapur Gurukula from 19?? The circumstances surrounding is discharge from Mayapur are unclear, but it was common knowledge amongst the gurukula children, that he left Mayapur because of his pedophile activities. He was transferred to the Vrindavan gurukula, where he stayed from to Ananta Rupa came to Vrindavan, while Dhanurdar was the principal, and was assigned immediately to be a gurukula teacher.

There is little doubt that Dhanurdar was well aware of the allegations. The impression was that Dhanurdar fully cooperated and endorsed decisions and punishments made by Ananta Rupa while he was a teacher in Vrindavana gurukula. Ananta Rupa was extremely domineering and mean toward us - he did not hesitate to punch, slap, throw things, or pull our ears. He constantly yelled and used very intimidating gestures and words when he interacted with us.

Ananta Rupa arrived at the Vrindavan gurukula with several of the adolescent - adult boys with whom he was having sex with in Mayapura.

These adolescents, who came to Vrindavan with Ananta Rupa, where from my estimation between the ages of sixteen and twenty two. It was difficult to determine their age since none of them knew their birthday or age. During the four years they were around, they didn't grow any taller nor change in physical appearance, so I suspect they were adults. The rumour was that these were the Bengali boys, Ananta Rupa was having sexual relations with in Mayapur.

As for his ashram, Ananta Rupa was very friendly with the monitors, while he was extremely mean to us. Each of these monitors had an ashram of between five and fifteen younger boys. They would pick out the boys in their ashram who they thought were vulnerable or non threatening and sexually molest them.

If the situation was appropriate they would bring the boy to Ananta Rupa. Ananta Rupa had an ashram with those people that came with him as monitors, for around two or three years. All of these monitors were brahman initiated mainly by Bhavananda and possibly another guru.

iskcon exposed

They frequently led kirtans, performed aratis, and were treated by all the devotees including visitors, with a high degree of respect. They were also all Bhavananda's disciples. There are others in that group who slip my memory right now who were also involved in sexual as well as physical abuse. I saw that there were a number of young boys who were passed around between the monitors in Ananta Rupa's ashram and Ananta Rupa, and other teachers and monitors.

A critique of the beliefs of the Hare Krishna movement (ISKCON) : Dr. Vibhu

I was lucky in that, although I was in both Ananta Rupa and Niragadev's ashrams, I wasn't sexually molested by them or the monitors. This was only because of my father's position. This doesn't mean they didn't make passes at me. I found it confusing and pretended not to notice it because I didn't want to get involved in that.

I was attracted to girls and a particular girl back in the US. To some people, it may minimize the truth or validity of what I am saying because I didn't have any physically sexual contact with these people. However, I don't feel that the only way for people to believe that the boys that were victimized and molested in Vrindavan and elsewhere, is for them personally to come out and disclose exactly what happened to them.

Dhanurdar mentioned at an Isthagosti community meeting inthat in he became aware of Ananta Rupa's pedophile activities and removed him.


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